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Left by Workawayer (Anthony) for host

Well I am afraid I am not going to be really different from the other reviews. I first thought people were over reacting positively when they said it was their best project. I have been volunteering for 6 month now, did 7 projects and it was my best by far! How so? Because it is both such powerful human and technical experience! Human first with Sandrine and Russ that are great caring leaders with such a collaborative spirit, they do their best to make you grow. I learned so much from their social and managing skills. It is also a human experience living off grid in this beautiful place with 10 other volunteers. Enjoying the river and the simple and so powerful moments of life's. Sky is the limit there! 
Technical thanks to all the sub projects going on (mud house, planting, reforestation, building, gardening...) and the great courses Russ is providing every afternoon! On top of that Sandrine life coach helped me a lot to think and project my future! She is also offering meditational activities! Thank you so much Sandrine and Russ I learned so much about myself and all the projects you are leading!
You have to go and don't stay less than a month or you will leave frustrated there is so much to do and learn!



Left by Workawayer (Jan) from Holland

I had the time of my life on this farm, it's like a paradise. The work is versatile and only a few hours a day. The permaculture course was very interesting. The hosts are relaxed and easy going. I was planning to stay 2 weeks but ended up staying 22 days. Thank you Russ, Sandrine and Lili for an experience of a life time. All the best for the future!

volunteer Paul


Left by Workawayer (Paul) from U.S

Truly one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had! This farm, and the extraordinary people who run it, are absolutely incredible. I learned about so much about the land and about myself. I connected with people I hope to know for the rest of my life. Thank you deeply, Russ, Sandrine, Lili, the other volunteers, and La Sierra Nevada! 


Left by Workawayer (Rémi) from canada

I'm leaving this feedback 3-4 months after my one month stay. I still have vivid memories of the farm and its impact is still present in my daily actions. This place is perfect to find yourself, your limits and to evolve on all different levels. Sandrine is a truly remarkable human being. I hope the farm is doing good!

Rémi, with a lot of love. <3 

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