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Russell Manning BSc Hons.

Russell has been a person interested in the environment and flaura and fauna his entire life.  As a teenager you would often find him sitting patiantly in hides looking at birds in the UK. Later attending University he studied Plant Sciences. Permaculture first came to his attention at a friends house in France when the concept of sheet mulching was talked about, and then whilst travelling in India he volunteered at a reforestation project in India named Sadhana Forest, it was there where he first attended a Permaculture course, learning about water management, Swales, Dams and how to use an A-Frame.  Through much self study and as a volunteer at many farms around the world,  Russell has learned a global approach to Permaculture.  Russell attended a formal Permaculture Design Certificate course under the tutorage of Geoff Lawton of the Permaculture Research Institute.

In 2016 Russell settled in Colombia with his family and bought a farm in the Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta Mountains, he now practices and teaches Permaculture from the farm.

He is passionate about Permaculture and a firm believer that its principles and practices should replace monoculture style farming and that Permaculture should be taught in school alongside other subjects like Mathematics and Languages, as it helps develop skills in the practitioner that are transferable to many walks of life..

Chris Hill

Chris Hill Born in Wales UK, has worked with wood Since he was 13 years old, he studied engineering in the UK, and went to Spain at the age of 17 and since then speaks Spanish, he likes working with natural materials such as wood, stone & mud and also works with metal. He loves mechanics, electrical & solar installations, gardening, good music and Latin life.   He left his country almost 20 years ago to travel in a truck with his NoBorderSoundSystem project and his NGO  Syndrome Aktif. He traveled from Europe to Colombia with his project, bringing art, music & fun to the communities he found on his road. Today he lives on his land with his wife and daughter creating the dream of the "Finca sin Fronteras". A live school, is dedicated to sustainable life, organic farming and permaculture in all its aspects. This man can turn his hand to almost anything, a jack of all trades, he loves to learn and his main goal is to change the way of life we live.

Russell Manning Permaculture Colombia