What Made Anthony, Clea and Anna Maria, happy today

Love Grows is all of us, our human family, it’s not just Russell, Sandrine, Prunelle and Lili but every single person who has made this experience possible to happen and every single person whom has already experienced, shared and left their print in love grows, more than 300 people. We are so proud today to see this family growing. Also how together for the benefit of all, we keep seeding and spreading the love for humanity and mother earth.

We would like to share some of the motivations, and experiences of some of the Love Grows family members whom have chosen to support us through our crowdfunding campaign. We are so grateful for their support.


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I am 33 years old french man living in Paris, i have been working 8 years as a managment consultant in a big american firm, recently i start feeling sick about my way of life focus on work and usless things. so i left for a year to volunteer in south America in meangful projects this is how i found or maybe Love Grows found me. i find so much inspiration a Love Grows i hope to achieve something similar soon. The plan was to stay two weeks with russell sandrine and lili but I ended up staying a month as the experience was so enriching! I learned so much about permaculture thanks to Russ. A really good mix of theoretical courses and daily practical application. It was already a lot but when Sandrine supported me with personal support helping me to understand and overcome my limitations I really felt the concept was incredible! The combination of both permaculture and personal development just felt sensational to me! And of course we had really good times with Lili swimming in the river as well!

i feel really good to have donated and i wish i could do more to help.it feel that i needed to help because i know how well this financial support will be used! for each and every $ donated i know the great value for humanity that will be created!

to me Love Grows is unique in the sense of it provides eveything we need to feel whole. knowledge to grow our food better and a way to elevate ourselves personaly, to make you realise that whatever your ideas or dreams are, there is a way to make it happen!


Anna Maria

I am from Canada and orking in hospitality industy and working to save endangered old growth forests from logging.

I spent a couple of weeks on the Love Grows farm. During that time, my mind would be opened to a whole new way of seeing the landscape, not only as it presently exists, but seeing in a way that transcends space and time. Russ explained and demonstrated how they are using the principles of permaculture to improve the land they live on.

All in all, they have an incredible project that will only keep growing with the help of the love and financial support from across the globe.

By helping this farm, you are not only contributing to their individual homestead, but also helping spread the seeds of regenerative living around the world.


It is very natural for me to support the project. i beilive a lot in the potencial of Russell , sandrine and Lili, they know where they go and how to acheive it. I was lucky to follow the course of permaculture of Russell, clear and well structured, it was a perfect introduction to permaculture for me. Of course the best was to see how Russ was putting into practice a few meters from us the principals and examples that’s he was presenting to us. And also really pertinent was how he was capable to guide us in the design of our own ecosystem of permaculture

Love grows for me is another vision of the world, away from the standard one we know in terms of relation with nature, with the material world and between people. It’s also a bit of magic, I will always remember the firefly at night, the praying mantis, the bath in the river, the nights in the hammock, the gong before eating, the toucans and other birds of all colours, the Kogi kids… it’s an ambitious and inspiring project which will expand your horizons.



I visited Love Grows with my friend Oliver. When we arrived it was like entering a small and loving family. Russ, Sandrine and (the ever so energetic) Lili welcomed us with open arms. We spend 2 weeks at the farm, but could easily have stayed for months!

When Russ reached out to me about the crowdfund-project it was a no-brainer. I’m sure that my little donation will be in good hands and that it will be transformed into something much more useful in Love Grows!

It was a pleasure to attend the permaculture class at Love Grows. Russ was an intelligent and very talented teacher, who made the classes interesting and easily understandable. The knowledge about permaculture has since been useful in my everyday routines - even in the big city life!

To everyone who is going or just thinking about going to South America - consider visiting the little sacred paradise that Love Grows is. I hope to be back one day and until then i will enjoy following the progress on social media ❤



I know Russ and Sandrine because I stayed at their farm in 2018 I have donated money to the project because I know the result will improve the world, without doubt!!! And this project felt important to me. I feel great that I have donated!




I often see the lifestyle we have is not the one we should and there is a lot of work to be done, not only to save and care for our planet, but to develop a society where we value each other and work together to thrive, instead of against each other. I believe that Love Grows aims to that goal and it's an example of the way we should live.

Sandrine was a very helpful guide for me. she helped me gain insight. She was very understanding and respectful of where I was at that point in my life. Even though I wasn't expecting any support from her (And also I didn't know I needed it) she helped me to see myself clearer and to have a better view of the world around me. I think it's just the way she is, but I'm very grateful for that. I can´t imagine how much growth I would gain in a coaching retreat with her.

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