Introduction to Permaculture

In this course you will receive the basic concepts of what Permaculture is, how it works, why it works. You will also learn about; Soils, how to increase fertility; Water, storage, capture, uses, cleaning; Trees and Plants, how to build guilds, use of support plants, rainfall and habbitat; Patterns, natural pattern forms and how they can be used in design; Bio-Construction, Seeds and Garden Beds. At the end of the course you will design a system based on what you have learned. This is a 7 hour theory course with practical experiences extended past the 7 hours.

Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course.

Next one in february 2020 PDC (click)

Based on the book A permaculture Designers Manual written by Bill Mollison, the The PDC is a 72 hour long program, covering 14 topics of the standard Permaculture curriculum.  At the end of the course you will be able to say that you have completed a Permaculture Design Certificate and are able to design Permanent sustainable systems, you will have the building blocks for which you need to be able to design in any climate and you will be part of a growing community of "Permies".  We aim to change the world for a much better place

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