Permaculture     colombia

Permacuture offers solutions to many of the worlds issues relating to farming, housing and sustainability. Permaculture is a design science with ethics. Ultislising the soft and hard sciences plus everything the natural world can teach us through patterns and observation of natural systems.

Learning to live in a sustainable way with our planet and ourselves is the only long term plan that works.  We live in a time where we have choices; continue to consume more then we give, create huge amounts of pollution, deforest our planet, dirty our water and cause mass extinction of flora and fauna perhaps even ourselves; the alternative where we consume less, industry changes the way it sources raw materials and recycles far more, we reforest with native trees replacing the habbitats that have been destroyed and incorporate sustainable farming practices that add fertility to the land, rather than the use of chemicals, that are simply making the situation worse in the long run.

Permaculture courses taught by the teachers of Love Grows will  enable the participants to use Permaculture techniques, learn how to think like a Permaculture consultant and how to design systems that will be sustaianable and highly productive. 


Permaculture Philosophy

Permaculture is a design science, its principles if used correctly will enable a Permaculture designer or consultant to design a system that will be productive and sustainable. Sustainable housing, clean energy, water conserv

ation, soil building, reforestation, good animal husbundry, habitat creation and alternative lifestyle options.

Permaculture offers techniques that can be used in different climates and teaches the person using these techniques, where and when it is appropriate to use them, what works in a dry climate may not in a wet one..  During a Permaculture course you will learn how to analyse your climate, land and needs so that you can use a design suitable for a particular land.

Pemaculture as a concept was developed by Bill Mollison and David Holmgreen both of Australia.  Their work has been implimented in many locations around the world providing food stability to hundreds of thousands of people.

Permaculture now has a presence in all or practically all countries across the globe, and offers real solutions through observation and understanding of natural patterns.

Organic Farming is farming without the need for chemical such as Non Organic Pesticides, Herbicides and Fertilisers, these chemicals are expensive and damage the fertility of our soils and pollute our waters.

By designing systems that create habbitat for predators of our pests, by using green manures and animal systems we can design systems that provide us with a good yield and variety, that are sustainable and that even require less time imput as the system matures.

You plant a fruit tree today and you support its growth with leguminous trees and plants which will provide a natural boost of Nitrogen, you dig a Swale to capture rainwater and water your tree, in a few years you will have your first fruit and for the rest of your life, what a great system and investment in time to provide food security for you and your family. 

If you use layers, patterns, timing and guilds you can make even a small piece of land highly productive. The greater Permaculture community holds a wealth of experience and knowledge join us and lets make a positive change together.