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Permaculture is an internationally recognised design science.  Permaculture gives us a method and culture to design sustainable and regenerative systems for agriculture and social systems like city planning and house design.


Our world is suffering from climate change and crisis, Permaculture design gives the users methods to repair damaged systems and create permanence. Whether you are designing for your own house, community or as a professional designer for clients, attending a Permaculture Design Certificate Course (PDC) is a great thing to do.  For many people whom attend our courses this is a life changing event, one that will give you a clear direction to take to live in a sustainable regenerative world.



The Permaculture Design Course that we teach follows the Bill Mollison (the co-creator of Permaculture) curriculum for PDCs Introduction to Permaculture; Concepts and themes in design; Methods of Design; Pattern Understanding; Climatic factors; Trees and their energy transactions; Water; Soils; Earth working and earth resources; Humid Tropics; Dryland Strategies; Humid cool to cold climates; Aquaculture; Alternatives to a global nation; Final design project.

Students will complete 72 hours of instruction and submit a final design project to complete the course.



Everyone will stay at the Love Grows farm site a 13-hectare farm with mountain rivers and lovely views.  Students have different options with limited availability of each option.

Camping, bring your own tent and sleeping equipment, no charge.

Hammocks in our hammock dorm, space for 4 students 10,000 COP per night per person.

Double bed for couples in a simple hut 25,000 COP per night.

Double bed for couples in a deluxe hut 50,000 COP per night



Three freshly prepared meals will be prepared daily from a mixture of locally grown products and other foods bought from the local village.  The majority of food will be vegetarian, if you have any allergies or specific dietary requirements please let us know in advance.



Set in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Santa Marta on the tropical carribean coast of Colombia. The Love Grows farm is situated above the village of Rio  Ancho, Vereda Las Margaritas, 2 hours from Santa Marta before the next city of  Riohacha. A mototaxi will bring you from Rio Ancho to the farm.

What to bring


Notebooks and pens (various colours and a ruler), a torch for seeing at night time, long trousers, shoes and suitable clothes for working and walking. Insect repellent, we make and sell a natural insect repellent.




The cost of the 14 day course is 1,300,000 COP or $400 USD This includes 72 hours instruction course and issue of certificate on course completion. The food will be included in the price, this will be three vegetarian meals a day. Accomodation: FREE if you bring your own tent and bedding; 10,000 COP per night for hammock in dorm or rental of tent with bedding. 15,000 COP per night per person in double bed in hut. 100,000 COP per night rental of Deluxe Cabin with double bed and stunning views. Early bird discount (book before 15/11/19) and group discount for groups bigger than 3 people recieve a 10% discount.


Payments can be made by bank transfer, cash or Paypal.  Accommodation costs can be paid on site on the first day of the course.  

Bank transfer: ask us for the details of the account

Paypal  paypal.me/lovegrows1