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Heartcall Intuition Slovakia

“The path to your heart to reconnect with the power of your Being”
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Heartcall Intuition Slovakia

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Jun 15, 2019, 4:00 PM – Jun 25, 2019, 10:00 AM
Location is TBD

About the Event

“The path to your heart to reconnect with the power of your Being”

By Sandrine Girardeau – Empowerment coach

"Because you are much more than you can imagine, I will guide you to discover and become the amazing person you are by opening yourself to your heart and your intuitive vision, to achieve the extraordinary life you never dreamed of"

During a retreat of 9 days we will be using intuitive singing, spontaneous writing, authentic movement, conversation and genuine touch. Your heart is the center of your higher self where all your words, feelings and actions are unified in perfect harmony, allowing you to manifest the most extraordinary dreams for you and humanity.

The achievement to be able to listen to your heart and experience this magic happening is the result of precise and constant practice, which we will accomplish with a lot of love and honesty in order to unify all the states of your being.

The ability to give and receive unconditional love to you and others is the essence and the main quality that we will develop by elevating our consciousness.

Your right to wellbeing, happiness and abundance brings harmony, and joy to the world.

In the retreat you will be able to integrate all parts of yourself working on physical, emotional, mental and divine parts, to hold them with love bringing them to the heart. The exchange through conscious speech and total presence will be our reference. We will shape all our senses and intuition to explore our inner world and reconnect it to our external world.

We will develop a plan of action to move from our actual state to our maximum potential. Going through fears, limitations, mistaken believes, we will dematerialise them and go to the knowledge of our real qualities to manifest our infinite Being. This process will materialise and bring you to your personal life vision and calling. We will learn to engage a relationship with our creativity to establish the rules of our life.

It’s the moment to act without losing ourselves in limiting action and thought, guiltiness, tiredness and lack of motivation. Our strength and efficiency is in our heart. For this reason, the retreat of 9 days will allow you to accomplish a deep and efficient work with concrete and amazing results.


Sandrine Girardeau

Cofounder and manager of Love Grows SAS

Founder and manager of Heartcall Intuition

Coach of life coaches, NLP practitioner

Sandrine was born and raised in France. In her early 20s she moved to Spain. After a successful career as an artist, and cofounder and designer in Espace Terre, Spain: Art Gallery and Design Centre, she went into a period of depression and went through an unusual experience which obliged her to go through a deep research of self-reflection and discovery where she would question the true nature of life to rediscover it, reposition herself and savour and enjoy it. In the last 15 years she has been working as a coach of life coach. She has studied reflexology, Reiki, Thai massage, Jen Shen Dao, and NLP. However, it was Jean François Beny: analyst of human systems, cofounder of “Hug Me”, whom was her principal guide in her practice of elevation of consciousness, which today is her main tool to guide a variety of professionals in the field of self-development and any person with the desire to live their full potential.

After travelling the globe for four years, she settled in Colombia in 2015 to set up Love Grows, an experimental retreat center located in the savannah of the Sierra Nevada, one of the last places in the world living in harmony and protecting the indigenous wisdom.

"Heartcall is also my calling, guiding me on my path toward unconditional love, pure and divine which moves all things. Through every person I meet, discover and guide, so the love for me and others grows: to be able to embrace all beings of this planet in all their magnitude and contemplate them is my motivation. When I see that you recognise your goodness and your human family, this is a huge satisfaction for me. Through every being which evolves and flourishes I evolve and flourish. Heartcall is for me the possibility to practise the highest expression of unconditional love."


Isabel Torres Pérez

Psychologist, Gestalt therapist, acupuncturist, Reflexologist and naturopath

Director and founder of the centre for Gestalt in Banyoles, Spain

"I worked with Sandrine on many different occasions, in both group and individual sessions. My experience was very rich, she worked in a particular and personal manner. By mixing NLP coaching, consciousness, intuition and art therapy. My experience has been to gain power and confidence in myself. From the enjoyment to the games I realised things about myself, that helped me to unravel and live with more authenticity."

Toni Vílchez

Coach of sexuality and partners, Barcelona, Spain

"I worked with Sandrine during one year in Barcelona a while ago, in her course I learned to trust in my intuition, my emotion and the impulse connected to the present from the emptiness of “not knowing” in a rational way. With her I explored the part of me that I did not know, and opened myself to new possibilities regarding my reality and the ones of others. Since I initiated this path of exploration through intuition I continue to extend those limits and its one of the resources that helps me today in the development of my profession as a coach."

Maria Catalina Rojas

Psycologist, Art therapist, Rebirth, Barcelona, Spain

"My experience with Sandrine produced a profound change within me in my life. It has been a beginning in my path. Her work is based entirely in a very fine intuition which is her gift. From which with confidence and softness she will guide you for your soul to unravel until you find a way to express yourself. When I met Sandrine I was in a trapped a place where I thought that I could not escape from, she had the patience and love to give me the time and support that I needed. I am thankful for the time and the encounter from there my life started to flourish and finally I can say that I am where I want to be. In my work as a psychologist, art therapist and rebirther the time with Sandrine has also shaped my way of work. In my present form of working her method is the one I incorporate in my sessions based on my intuition and the detachment of the process, accompanying and serving without judgements or concepts of good or bad."

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