Here we get the honor of taking part in the wisdom and love of Taita Salvador. Taita Salvador comes from a rich background of ceremonial work with herbal medicines. He was born in Tabanok and belongs to the indigenous people of the Kamentsa tribe in Siboundoy, located in Putomayo. Here he got to grow up in harmony with nature and learn about mother earth and plant medicine. The healing work is carried out in accordance with Taita Salvador and Kamentsa people's many centuries-old traditions and rituals. The goal of the ceremony is to improve health physically, mentally and spiritually. To open up to the love and wisdom that the jungle has to offer we be doing a day preparation with sandrine,Than is a three-night ceremony with Salvador, than the last day debrefing with sandrine. (Address and recommended guidelines are received upon registration.) DONATION:


We look forward to a weekend of music, joy, friendship and healing in scenic surroundings. Aho Aslepay